Adventure Travel Without Nausea |

If you look like your passport photo, you’re too ill to travel.
Will Kommen

I’ve had diarrhea in forty nations.
Eugene Robert Black

It is all well and good to talk about adventure travel on a budget, but no one wants the “adventure” part of adventure travel to be losing your last meal far from home.
As an added resource, I have found several sites with helpful tips on how to stay healthy when you travel.

  • has a list of vaccines you might get before you travel, precautions against food that could make you sick and what to put in a first aid kit.
  • has a number of tips for business travelers, including how to keep up with your exercise schedule while on the road, how to deal with jet lag, and the importance of getting up to stretch your legs while on a long flight. The link to this information is at:
  • There is a good article for cruise travelers on how to avoid getting sick when you go ashore in . The article, which you can find at, offers some very good advice on how to keep your long-dreamed-of cruise vacation a happy and healthy experience.
  • has a whole section of great articles on this subject at Since Gorp is particularly focused on outdoor adventure travel and tours, their site emphasizes staying healthy outdoors. Among the topics they cover are, avoiding acute mountain sickness, avoiding poison ivy and other pesky plants, preventing heat exhaustion and how to protect yourself from tick-borne diseases.

I certainly hope these references will go a long way toward keeping you safe and healthy when you travel. By all means, make sure your “adventure” travel is the right kind of adventure and stay healthy.

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Traveling in Bermuda |

Deemed to be home to white sand beaches and land of pink, Bermuda is also known to be the very first spot to be colonized by the British invaders in the past. As revealed in Bermuda travel info, this archipelago encloses 200 coral islands and islets that are not too far away from the east coast of America. If in the past explorers dubbed it as the Devil’s Island, the tourists now refer to it as one of the sought-after island destinations that is found adjacent to Atlantic Ocean and North Caroline. Some people might have the wrong perception that Bermuda is somewhere in Caribbean but it actually isn’t.

Bermuda travel info takes us to an understanding that Bermuda boasts of old colonial towns and crystal-clear bodies of water. Other than that, coral reefs are the island’s prized possessions that have been flocked for sea adventures like diving, snorkeling, sunbathing, boating and swimming. Every tourist that gets to this island could vouch that Bermuda is a fusion of American and British aura. Its distinctive resemblance captivates its influences from traditions of both origins coupled with the native island’s local culture and heritage. It’s a little challenging for the tourism sector to revive this year’s drop of tourist arrivals. Among the consistent visitors are from Canada and United Kingdom. The cruise ship sector has consistently performed well though in the past years.

Tourism figures tell us that Bermuda encloses 47 guest accommodation facilities plus more than 100 bistros that cater to fine and casual dining. Cottage colonies and other types of lodging are upgraded to improve services. Because this archipelago is a few miles off America, it has become to be the core of large financial allocations for tourism as it escalates to be the most celebrated holiday spots in the West. Bermuda travel info imparts that friendly tax systems are employed and satellite cable communications have put forth many advantages to business operators, consumers, visitors and local dwellers. It’s interesting to note now that Bermuda has soared high to be one of the richest tourist destinations per capita.

If you’re wearing a jacket and a tie, then you are corporately in at Bermuda. It’s noteworthy to hear what the government has to say about captivating high-end markets to flock the island. This Bermuda travel info goes to say that those business travelers and well-off tourists are more likely to spend big bucks than those coming with budgeted pocket money. Quality visitors are those who shell out money at business establishment, hotels, restaurants and shopping avenues. From 2006 to 2007, visitor arrivals rose by 3.4 percent, which the tourism sector deemed to be record-breaking. Hotel business performance was also remarkable in those times. Millions of dollars have been spent to establish new island facilities and improvise existing ones.